Reasons to play

Read more in : Shlomo Ariel's "Children's Imaginative Play - A visit to Wonderland"

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  1. With so many reasons, what are we waiting for? Let's play! Again. :)

  2. Pinguilde, you are already playing make believe! Take your signature here for instance :)

  3. Note to self:

    As didactic material, this sheet can be printed out and cut into various pieces: pictures and reasons they represent. Each person or dyad can pick one and moderate a brief discussion about it. Finally they get to match pictures with names. For this final part, students can receive black and white printed out versions they can cut up and glue to their group poster along with ranking their favorite parts or games and if times allows -- they can even impersonate examples. It's just a classroom, but based on the principle of arbitrariness of the signifier, anything can represent anything with a bit of imagination.