I'll make you sorry you ever did that!
I have to watch to make sure you do this right!
Do as I say, not as I do!
You're so stubborn!
You deserve this.
You asked for it. Now you're gonna get it!
Quit crying or I'll give you something to cry about.
Look at me when I speak to you!
Why do you make me hit you?
You're just like your goddamn mother!
What's wrong with you?
You should!
I'm disappointed of you!
I thought you were better than that!
I don't care what you want! You do as I say! 
Niee, nie nie nieeee nieeee! 


You're responsible for what happens to me!
I'll never succeed, so why even try?
You cause me pain and suffering!
Look what they've done to me!
I can't. I can't do this alone!
It's not fair.
My feelings don't mean anything to you!
You should be in my shoes to understand me.
My parents loved my sister more than they loved me.
See? I told you I couldn't do it!
I don't have to change! You're the problem!
You're gonna give me a heart attack!
You don't care about me as long as you're happy.
You said you'd love me forever!
I have no choice! I have to do this.
Where did I go wrong?


If I help you, you won't be able to hate me.
 Look at me - I am better than you!
I feel powerful when I can save a bad situation.
When I'm busy with your problems, 
I don't have to worry about mine.
I love the adoration you give me when I save you.
I'm better than you, 
as I can save you from your problems.
I am superior, and holier than you, 
because I can fix your problems.
See, I put everything else on hold to help you 
- this is how you thank me?
All this attention really feels great!
Let ME do it ! I know how to do it right! I've got experience with this!
I was born to help others - it's not a big deal.
You can't get through this without me!
I'll always be there when you call.
Aren't you impressed?
I told you, but you wouldn't listen! See? I was right!
I have all the answers.

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